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Oak Ridge High School Football 2022


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23 minutes ago, oridgecat said:

He seems to be the most consistent passer of the three, but the other two seem a little better at the option stuff.  

Learning how to read the veer can be a make or break on a kid 

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On 4/28/2022 at 11:40 AM, YoungBuck said:

I can appreciate your excitement. He is a good coach, but I think everyone knows he is only as good as his Defensive Coordinator. He scores points but most of OR games will turn into shoot outs… if he has any players left by August 

What do you mean by "if he has any players left by August"?

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3 hours ago, YoungBuck said:

And God forbid a Clinton fan "Try" OR. It is those comments by OR fans that make most teams in the area not like OR.  What has OR done in the last decade besides beat West on a lucky call to cake walk into a state game? 

I remember the call you're talking about but do YOU remember the awful call earlier that went against OR? It was as bad or worse and it came at a time in the game when OR had taken a solid lead...this HORRENDOUS call allowed West to get back into a game they otherwise probably never would've been in at all. These bad calls usually cancel themselves out.

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On 4/28/2022 at 4:16 PM, SweetScience said:

To be fair, isn’t that the case with any Coach? What would Gaddis in his heyday been without Lussier as DC, Rankin without Nix, Quarles in his heyday without Jimmy Gaylor, Ditka without Buddy Ryan? And the list goes on………A HC is only as good as the coaches he has surrounding him.  That has always been the case, and today it’s no different.


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3 minutes ago, bounder said:

Where are they from?

Rusty was the OC at South Doyle under Clark Duncan.  Before that he had 2 stints at Farragut, one on each side of the ball as coordinator (including on Farraguts state championship team), he was the head coach at Cumberland County, and started his coaching career at Powell, his alma mater, under Clark Duncan and Larry Stephens. 

Good hire by Scott Cummings. 

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