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TC at Hampton


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11 minutes ago, H2Oman said:

Don’t worry about it… some of the TC faithful didn’t think their own team would make it pass the 1st rd… 

Strange bunch over there for sure!

They were so dang tuff. Losing 24 hurt us on O and D. When #3 got outside, if our #4 didn't get to him, he was gone with Lyons out 

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1 minute ago, dogtruth said:

You too pal! Maybe we'll see each other in Chattanooga. I'm going to watch Elizabethton play before Hampton and I'm sure a lot of other fans will be there too. The stands are going to be packed from Carter County!!!





So. So proud of these young men. They’ve earned it!  Prayers for Morgan tho. Hate he got hurt. He’ll be greatly missed. 

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13 minutes ago, jacketpharmer said:

Heck of a game. Hampton out played us tonight in my opinion. I thought TC was going to steal one being able to score off of the turnovers. Hats off to the Hampton guys for fighting back and and executing.

It was the best HS game, win or lose, I have seen in a long time  

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2 minutes ago, uknoit2 said:

Thanks pal, TC was dang good! Best coached 2.5 minutes of HA football I've ever seen. When #4 gets home, taking that sucker to eat whatever he wants! Lol

He deserves two big 20 oz steaks. By the way I really enjoyed watching the game in Hampton I love how you’ll go all out for your team with fireworks and cannon. Also great sight lines on the away side I love that you’ll don’t have a track around the field and that you can actually see from one side of the field to the other. I also loved you'll boys picking up the TC players after the game and also some of your students and fans telling the TC kids great game.

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3 minutes ago, PurplePower68 said:

Congrats to the Bulldogs. Ever since that 2015 semi when Jones got hurt I have pulled for Hampton to get to the title game. It was a great game to watch and hoping you guys get that gold ball.


His youngest bro picked it up where left off tonight Lol. Thanks PP, we appreciate it!

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