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On 8/31/2022 at 8:06 PM, SweetScience said:

OR/AC have played 4-5 times since Kerr was there. They beat us once in 2013, I think. The red headed Rocket Matt Fox was the running back for them on that team. 

Yes, he was a good one…. good luck OR. You all got a good QB in Stansberry. If what I was told is true they should have done something. Lol.  That is crazy…. But this is not anywhere close to the best team AC has had the last 5 years. Knoxville West made us look awful in are last scrimmage .. I’m on the way to Fulton this will be a easy one. 

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This is going to be a long post for me; I'm trying to get it done before the game starts. Who is FroshPop? He sure as heck isn't Joe Gaddis. The Joe Gaddis I know wouldn't fool with this and if he did his screenname would be Joe Gaddis. I liked Joe when he came to OR the first time and consider myself a supporter. I supported most of the OR coaches in between. I couldn't get on board with a couple of them so remained neutral. My wife and I are way too old to have had a freshman player. Heck, that's why he had to quit after his freshman year because I had no I idea what was going on at practice, etc. and couldn't pretend to know. I have defended Joe because he is the winningest coach in OR history, he has the last championship, and he went to state the year before he retired. Yeah, he made some wrong calls on the field. What coach doesn't?  I like his fire, his love of OR football, and his willingness to talk to anyone. But some of you were constantly bashing him on here. The ones that I got fired up at were the posters I knew who acted much differently to his face and that ignorant Opie whose only job was to bash Gaddis personally. If he really is a Clinton guy, why isn't he blowing up the threads at their prediction to win? 


I got frustrated with all the AC talk so I called Gaddis. Here's the story. I didn't record it or take notes like a journalist, so if you question any part of it, call him yourself.

I don't remember the year, but Joe and Davey had a verbal agreement to play. Joe was still looking for games to round out the schedule so he called DG to confirm the date. At that point, DG told him he was not going to play them because he had told Jefferson Co he would play them (I guess the dates were the same or something). He went on to tell Joe that JC's coach was a friend of his, he wasn't going to let him down, yada, yada. Joe was pretty pi.... and that's how we ended up playing Mount Juliet ( a long way to go to play a really good team). It was next to impossible to find someone who wanted to play and had the same opening date since DG hadn't even bothered to tell Joe until he called to confirm.  Ironically, JC -I know the year now because I just looked it up-was 4 and 6(2018) the year before AC scheduled them and were 3-7, 0-10 the next two years when AC played them. Seems to me like DG made a good call for himself. Time for the next scheduling cycle, AC does call when it's time to do a new schedule and Joe said he did tell them no. He had to schedule someone who would honor their agreement and not leave them hanging if they decided they had another friend with a lousy team who needed a game. That last sentence is my words. I take it Joe did not talk to them kindly and has no respect for a Coach who cannot honor a verbal agreement and leave him in that predicament again. So I'm also assuming he has no reason to want to return their call. Davey is a man of the cloth and if confronted would have to  confirm this...with his spin on it, I'm sure. Joe was matter-of-fact when I called him. He didn't elaborate on his feelings, but I thought I detected a lot in his tone. I choose to believe Coach Gaddis. You do what you want. If you want confirmation, give him a call.

I no longer live in OR, but I love OR football. Hope we win tonight.

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