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North Side Head Coaching Job


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56 minutes ago, ItsAlwaysSunnyInAtwood said:

Last I can think of was Liberty in basketball about 07. They had some success in track and field too the year they lost to Alcoa in state but idk if they won or not 

IMO, the city of Jackson, Tennessee totally abandoned the public school system years ago and they have demonstrated no desire to improve public education. 

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8 hours ago, cbg said:

How long has it been since a public school from Jackson, Tennessee won a state championship in mens basketball, baseball or track & field?

I can't think of track & field off the top of my head because there's so many athletes that can run in the meet from different schools. In addition, it's a sport that doesn't receive any publicity from media. Football, Liberty did go to Cookeville a few times but never had a shot to win it. North Side's 2012 team was probably the best team (recent years) in Jackson that didn't win a state championship.

Basketball: Liberty in 2007 South Side in 2014 I think, maybe in 2015. Girls Basketball: South Side has been to Murfreesboro in recent years, but I don't think they have went to the championship game.  North Side went to their championship game in 2006-2008 area with state tournaments in that frame. I do believe Madison went in girls basketball near that same time frame as well.

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