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Most Annoying Thing at High School Games

Region 4AA Tournament  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Region 4AA Tournament

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WAY too many to choose from!


Add to my list: Mothers who sit cluelessly in the stands, don't cheer, don't yell, but want to have conversations with others like they were in line at the grocery store-and then get mad at your yelling or cheering because they can't hold their conversation. . .


People who stand the entire game blocking your view. . .


People who can't sit in their seats during huge plays, but take THAT moment to go to the concession stand, toilet, or wherever-forcing you to get up and miss the play. . . (it is WORSE at college games).


Fans not paying attention to what's happening on the field-and could care less (hint: stay home or stay outside).

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our band plays their loudest when we have the ball.......I just dont get it ................. great thread solomon


Good grief is that not the TRUTH? Also, the fans should not shout and yell loudest while their team is trying to run an offensive play.


Oh, and one thing that happened last night. Don't be a cool-guy and jump in front of everyone in line at the concession stand at halftime, as if your time is more important than the rest of us waiting. Hey, exercise some patience, and maybe some brain cells, and just wait like the rest of us.

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Bands who think you came to the game to see them :D instead of the game you paid good money to see.


Fans who think they have to yell PASS, SWEEP or any other play the opponent is running thinking their players can hear them.


Parents who think this is an individual sport for their child and do not realize that all the guys are trying their best. The line is trying to block, the defense is trying to wrap-up a tackle. Parents do not need to critique other people's children from the stands.


People trying to sneak a smoke in the stands - we can smell you!!! :D

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