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Riverside vs ER State Championship Showdown


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2 hours ago, Salem said:

Watching the Panthers' games the thing that always stands out is coaching. Talentwise most years they are comparable to Forrest. This year their QB is better (our starter missed the whole season) and their offensive line is bigger (we choose to leave 2 270 pounders on the sideline). The exception is Riverside will have the right players in the right places on offense, defense, and special teams. They will be prepared for everything ER has shown until this point. They will call a trick play at exactly the right time and will be the more disciplined team on the field. Should be a fantastic game. Let's hope the officials aren't mentioned at all on here next week. 

this is identical to a post i made a few days ago- riverside has beaten forrest in the QF 2x since 2019. both by 5 points. since then we have gone 7-14 and they have been to 3 semis and are in chatt for the 2nd straight year, this time as a favorite

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6 hours ago, BIGPURPLEMACHINE said:

I think we all know penalties are part of the game. I wasn’t making an excuse I was simply stating the obvious. You were making an excuse when you said Dresden choked. I just pointed out my point of view. Sorry I hurt your feelings general. 

you're too stupid to post with me. so dont 

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Just now, Biggameburt said:

ER sports in the last cycle.

2023 Volleyball final 4 and 4 substates.

Baseball 1 championship 1 runner up 3 sub states.

basketball 1 championship 2 tournament appearances

football quarters and a championship appearance

golf state tournament appearance

track 1st season and 1 appearance at state

FOUR VOLLEBALL SUBSTATES!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!

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2 hours ago, Biggameburt said:

Shaun and Taylor’s brother Kaden will be a freshman next year. Have a couple Princes coming in the next cycle I think. Theirs another groves on the team I forgot his name though. Plays corner and is a promising sophomore, had 2 pics vs Smith.

The Groves kids are legit. Need to stay more composed in games but that’s on their coaches to reel them in. Talent for all of them is undeniable though. I am just keeping it real

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2 hours ago, RHSPanther15 said:

The charter busses they got for the trip to Chattanooga last year was around $3000 this year just the busses have more than tripled in price plus hotel last year they stayed a night at MTSU and a night at Chattanooga with about 100 staff/players plus food. That’s the cost won’t get on my soapbox but I think it’s a bad look begging for money that’s being used on non essential things like a charter bus 

Those kids deserve to ride in a charter bus. Have you ever ridden in a yellow bus on a long trip ? 

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