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Dyersburg vs Upperman

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On 3/13/2024 at 10:11 AM, repoman said:

Dyersburg probably had 3 D1 potential players on the court,  Upperman zero. Probably too many beers when u made this post!

Two of them, Joya Crawford and Chelby Jordan do have D1 offers. The freshman, Kay Kay Strayhorn will have some come. She may end up being the best of the 3. 

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On 3/16/2024 at 12:10 PM, BIGPURPLEMACHINE said:

Two of them, Joya Crawford and Chelby Jordan do have D1 offers. The freshman, Kay Kay Strayhorn will have some come. She may end up being the best of the 3. 

She will be dominant the next 3 years.

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9 minutes ago, UCSportsFan said:

I’ll take the field against Dyersburg. What you want to put on it?

That's a really interesting bet.  Not sure which side I'd land on.  Dyersburg brings back all but one of their rotation players - the senior was probably their 4th or 5th leading scorer.  They may be better next year than they were this year.  Upperman brings back their two best players but graduates the other three starters (if there's any truth to the Ellie Butler to Upperman rumors, that's a gamechanger).  Heritage had one senior on the roster - they will be very good again.  South Side will be in Murfreesboro again and is always dangerous because of the way they defend.  White Co graduates their best player but brings back several others who can play.  

Dyersburg is the favorite but repeats are hard.  Any state title requires some luck along the way.  Back to back state titles require even more.  @UCSportsFan is right - the field is probably the safer bet.  

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