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Top 5 Head Coaches in East Tennessee

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Coach Mark Pemberton from Catholic. Look what his work ethic and know how has done to that team..... They came from being a team you wanted as your homecoming game to a team no one wanted to play. With there record of 12-0 Catholic is playing in thier biggest game in pretty much the history of that program saturday at Vandy's place in Nashville for the State Title.

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1. Don D. Woods - Morristown West -- As he would say "OK".."You can't get to Atlanta if you turn around at Chattanooga".."Go all out"

2. George Quarles - Maryville -- The Steve Spurrier alter-ego knows the game and how to get the most out of his players..As he would say "We're not that great of a team"

3. Scott Meadows - Jefferson County -- He might not be able to control his or his players' emotions, but he knows how to turn a program around. As he would say "Their defense is opposing, but the referees were hosing (us)"

4. Steve Brewer - Sevier County -- He may be getting older and losing some touch, but with a new atmosphere, he could change things quickly... As he would say "Well, I, I, just like going from shotgun and letting it fly".."A little high-air squib kick never hurt anyone. Heck far, it gave us a Tennessee State Football title."

5. Mark Pemberton - Knoxville Catholic -- Underrated by many and unknown by others..once he gets years under the helm, Catholic will be unfadable like Dre' Day.. As he would say "If we score more points than the opposition, we will come out victorious...but, if we don't, we'll lose"

Honorable Mention----

Graham Clark of Dobyns-Bennett; Buck Coatney of Fulton; and Eddy Gregg of G-Unit

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My top Five are:


1: Coach Medows Jefferson County

2: Coach Davis Polk County

3: Coach Turner Tyner

4: Coach Quarles Maryville

5: Coach Grider South Pittsburg

i agree with you hitman Coach Davis is a very good coach and to take a program that was going nowhere to 25 wins in three years is very amazing also PC has been in the playoffs for three straight years.

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1) George Quarles - Maryville


2) Graham Clark - Dobyns-Bennett


3) Don Woods - Morristown West


4) Buck Coatney - Knox Fulton


5) Scott Meadows - William Blount



George Quarles is a no-brainer choice at #1, Graham Clark has the second best winning percentage in the state (just behind Gary Rankin of Riverdale), Don Woods cranks out great teams every year and would have a few State Championships lately if it were not for Quarles, Buck Coatney brought Fulton from the dust bin and just won the 3A State Championship. I put Meadows in the top 5 by default. Would of had Mike Lunsford of Cloudland, but he's in North Carolina now. Just can't put Meadows ahead of Clark, considering he has never beat him.


WaCo :) JaCo

Edited by WaCoJaCo

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1) Quarls - Maryville

2) Meadows - William Blount

3) Clark - DB

4) Hutchins - South Doyle

who are you? where do you get this stuff about hutchins being this great coach? my grandmother could have took over the mcminn team this past season and won. just please tell me who you are because the guy wasnt that good. you will find out how good he is when he goes to south doyle and loses every year. i know alot of players from mcminn that, never mind. anyway, just because you know him dosnt mean he is god because he is not. if he would have stayed for 10 years he would not have even compared to what coach mullinax did. he was the man. thats why hutchins left because he knew they were not going to that good and he couldnt do with them what mullinax could have done with a team that didnt look good.

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