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Alcoa vs Milan


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Aside from game play, that was a classy Alcoa team I saw tonight. From start to finish, they were helping Milan players off the ground and giving respectful helmet taps and butt-slaps all night. It's one thing to beat a team; to do it with class just adds to respect the victor deserves.


Also pretty impressive to hear about Sam Thompson's 35 on the ACT!


RRR, I think Sam did that in the 8th or 9th grade

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Alcoa is just to deep with talent for any 2A schools at this time to compete. Very impressive team. Awesome line...both O/D. You also have some awesome talent coming up.....I sure don't see anytime soon Alcoa falling. Milan was dominated, which I didn't think they would be. They did give effort for the entire 4 quarters. I seen on some of the posts on here about yd. gain by Alcoa, how well Milan did. Milan did do well, better than most expected. But when you have such short field to drive on, you won't have the opportunity to get long drives. Alcoa got the ball and did what they had to, which was drive from start......to the goal. So to me, just my opinion......the yds really don't mean as much. It does look good when reading stats, but if you only have to start at the 30 or 40 yd line of your opponent, you can only gain 30 or 40 to get the 6.


Milan has some great players that will be there next year and got the experience to what it takes for the next level. I think Milan will have a great chance next year.


You did yourselves proud.


Have a great off season...and give it all you got.

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Great job Tornaadoes!!!


First and foremost, our D played amazing as always!!! Did Milan even get 100 yds.? We may be undersized at a lot of positions but they are just so physical and quick to the ball.


Jaron played a great game. Yes, he was struck hard a few times by Williamson, but he also juked him out of his shoes on a couple runs. For some reason Chase was underthrowing everything, but definitely made up for it with a great punt return and solid safety play. Tyler and Sam were pretty much non-existent except for a few catches on offense. Offensive line played solid.


Milan had a good D. Williamson was an absolute beast at linebacker, the offers should come pouring in for him. Coleman will be a great DE as well. Can't say that I was too impressed with Gilbert.


FBE, when were we throwing it deep when the game wasn't in hand, and what was the score when this happened?


I was very impressed with Milan's fan turnout, great support!

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Here is the scary part for the rest of AA or AAA (wherever we will be), ALcoa is LOADED all the way down to the current 8th grade class that went undefeated this year. I can see at least 4 more in a row.


SORRY Middle and West TN.........you still have excellent basketball and baseball to look forward to, but football is ours!!!

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Alcoa senior quarteback Chase James engineered the Tornado offense on three scoring drives, but said Milan was the best defense he has ever played against.


"We knew they were really big, but I didn't expect them to be that fast," James said while shaking his head. "They looked good on film, but to actually play against them was totally different.


"(Williamson) hit me a lot, and he is a really good player."


Obviously we're a little upset [to have given up a rushing touchdown]," Alcoa quarterback/cornerback Chase James said. "They're a great team. Personally, I think that's the best team I've played so far this year. They're big, they're fast, they might be faster than us."


-Jackson Sun

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Sorry discussing a method or principle of interpretation of Gods word would be another thread. "Maybe in that dark alley" you spoke of in October when you commented on one of my posts?


Look, we differ in our opinions. If you look I have stayed away from Alcoa boards for sometime. What brings me back are cheap shots from some of Alcoa's posters. I am not who you guys think I am. I don't know you so we have that in common. I see things different that some others do. Last time I checked, we still are a free people.


Let's not detract from a great accomplishment by the kids who play for Alcoa. They got 5 in a row! Historical to say the least. Have a safe trip home & see you next year.


Congratz to the Alcoa players and fans.



Bro. it's all good. You're right we are free and have the right to free speech, but I don't recall any posts from any Alcoa fans that called individual Maryville players out-by name. You have done that to Alcoa players but I guess that is were we decide to agree to disagree.


I've said it before...I was born and raised in Alcoa...I am a proud Blount Countian...a very proud former Tornado...and I cheer for Maryville when they are not playing Alcoa. I still have many family members in the county and some of them have played for Maryville so if and when I post on the Maryville board it is always positive and respectful.


Dark alley aside-I have way too much respect for my parents, who are respected citizens of Blount County, to revert back to a life that was problematic and violent. With that said, have a wonderful life...whoever you are or pretend to be.


Congratulations Alcoa and the Tornado Nation /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />

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Well, I was dead on with my score prediction of 14 points. Although it felt like more than 14 points. I liked the idea behind the 3rd down quick kick, it just didn't work. Sam boomed punts and played solid D. The most impressive guy on Alcoas D tonight was #16. He was everywhere playing like a senior should. Milan was simply not on Alcoas level, but they did impress me. A good D and I think them and Marion of CAK could play a good game, with Milan winning the majority of the times. Good job Milan, you played hard. Avery was a monster, what did you all think of #2 the Sophomore.

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Well my friends, I just returned from the 'Boro. Had a little problem coming home (a light cover from a oversized vehicle flew off right in front of my car...no major damage but it was a fun little scare).


Anyway first off I want to start by congratulating the Tornado'E's of Alcoa for their 5th state title. Their D was awesome to watch. And some questionable calling on our part (I thought we should have thrown a little more but that's just my opinion), and their size and strenght proved to be our hard fall in the game. In my opinion, Milan didn't really play like a championship team last night. They made too many mistakes, to win a championship. I love them to death, but what sometimes happens when Milan falls behind is they start thinking they are beat. I just didn't see that fire in them after half-time. But you guys have had a GREAT season, you're definately 1st team in the west...and I don't care what anyone says you're 2nd in the state!!! I love my Dawgs!!!


As for our fan comment, I will have to agree to a point. We have some REALLY GREAT fans! I stayed until after the ball ceremony, but I hated how some of the fans got up and started leaving in the 3rd quarter as well. Our boys needed 4 quarters of full support against the number 1 team in 2A in the state. I was very disappointed, but this is something Milan faces all year. If they aren't winning, our fan support seems to die down.



Now APB, if you don't mind, I'd like to have a little dressin' with my crow(I'll take it roasted)...maybe even a little cranberry sauce if it's not too much to ask!! However my prediction did fall true...the team that scored first, won.

Also APB, I stopped at the Wally World on my way to the hotel last night to pick up my Silver Polish. You can bet that's gonna be the most shiney silver you've EVER seen! haha It's been fun bantering with some of you this week! I hope y'all have a safe off season, and hope to see you next year! Don't be too suprised if you're ever at BOH and see me walk in to try it out. (I have family in the area, and since it's so highly acclaimed on here...figured I might give it a try sometime.) I'll be clad in no less than my PURPLE PRIDE!!!


Good luck and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


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Milan fans:

Most of you are gracious in your loss. I only hope we Alcoa fans would be if we were in that situation.


Alcoa did an excellent job of taking command of the clock. I was surprised at how many Milan players were down (as in hurt) during the 3rd/4th quarter. I haven't seen that many in any of our games all season (even when we played Wartburg or Oliver Springs). Williamson deserves the MVP; congrats to him. Chase just couldn't get the pass going; Milan's D did a good job of making him feel rushed.

Both sides brought a lot of fans; didn't hear a lot of barking coming from the other side! (Sorry, had to get one last dig in!) /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />

mcwrestler: #16 isn't a senior; he's a sophmore and will be in the running for qb next year.


It's been fun! Wouldn't it be a hoot if we met again next year for the 3A state championships???



My final thoughtS:


Milan fans: NOW DO YOU BELIEVE???





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Great game between 2 very good teams.


I thought Chase James and Sam Thompson played the safety position the way it's supposed to be played. The FB Tyson is an excellent blocker and worth the price of admission when him and Avery squared up on each other. Thompson is also a real good blocker at receiver.


Alcoa dominated time of possession and turnovers were too much to overcome. Alcoa makes very few mistakes as a team and are obviously well coached.


Jr. LB Avery Williamson #19 is the best LB prospect from TN. A little FYI for some Alcoa fans is that he won MVP LB at Ole Miss camp back in the summer. He's something special. Still can't believe he got slighted for a Mr. Football nomination.


Soph DE Christian Coleman #88 was a beast on the field last night. . I expect big things from him in 09'.


Both of these guys should be 4 or 5 star prospects if they keep working hard.


I expect a rematch next year as Milan returns 10 starters.

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OK, I didn't have a dog in this hunt. Kinda like to see history made, so congrats to a great Alcoa program for 5 in a row. But also, like to pull for the underdog, and Milan confirmed to me they were the #2 team in the state.

Both teams were very good, but Alcoa is still in a class by themselves.


What to me was funny was how many people talked about how good it was going to be to have someone other than Goodpasture play Alcoa, then Milan runs an offensive scheme that isn't any more challenging to a team like Alcoa than GP was the last 3 years. Actually, GP moved the ball better against Alcoa the last 3 years than Milan did, but GP didn't have Milan's defense.


Here is my opinion (I know the Milan and Alcoa fans will disagree): Milan's defense was awesome, but you can't beat Alcoa without a well rounded offense with a passing game that spreads Alcoa out. That is why you hear Alcoa fans always complimenting CAK as a good team. CAK's offense is harder to defend. This year's Alcoa team could have been beaten if you could have combined CAK or CPA's offense with Milan's defense against them, and don't turn the ball over. Until a team with a defense like Milan and an offense like CAK or CPA plays Alcoa, Alcoa probably won't lose in 2A.

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