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  1. 1 point
    Three thumbs up Purple! If it's a legacy team that loses then the argument is always that someone was missing or someone is not at weight or my favorite, one of their good wrestlers got caught. Haha!
  2. 1 point
    WAIT, so it's what someone thinks their line up might be, and not what it is? Look, if a college team is missing people and lose, they drop in the rankings. Why is this any different? This kills me, if and when they get their "full" team back, and win, that's when they should move back up. What if they NEVER get their "full" team back? Its the same issue as individual rankings. Ranking kids where you THINK they might end up, but they haven't ever wrestled there. I get the preseason rankings doing that, but once the season starts is should be only about what you are doing at that moment in time.
  3. 1 point
    Ham--your keyboard says one thing but your rankings say another. I'm going to let you slide on Jones and give you the benefit of the doubt assuming you were just being lazy and chose the highest returning medalist without doing any homework at 82 to see if he is actually the best wrestler at the weigh this year. BUT I can't let you slide on Lundy. What is your rationale to give him the one seed with no prior state medal and zero notable results from this season. He didn't even wrestle last season. Are we factoring in freestyle results now? Perez 3rd? Benefield 3rd? I am just saying there seems to be a great deal of blind faith in some of these guys. If they were from Antioch or Dickson Co. would they get the same love with the same lack of proven results?
  4. 1 point
    1st time watching Maryville play this year. Like the Vols they were fun to watch. They play hard. I like the Big Sophomore Center. He takes up a lot of space. That kid is every bit of 6,8 or 6,7. Don't know all the names of the players but thought 33 played tough defense on Quez Glover. Christian Gale is a great shooter. Bearden has real good players in Ques Glover,Trent Stephney just to name a few. Bearden has no one as good as Joe Anderson. Joe was trying to get everyone involved early in the game. Very unselfish. Starting the 4th quarter when Maryville was down 9. Joe took over. Joe can shoot the ball well from medium range or 3 pointers. He can also drive to the basket. When he decided to take over no one could check him. He is worth the price of admission.
  5. 1 point
    I have a job that requires me to go all over the greater Nashville area. I've been to Gallatin enough times to know I'd have no problem feeling comfortable living there
  6. 1 point
    I don’t think people are referring as much about the football program as they are about the community (Gallatin Zone). You guys are obviously great supporters of the Green Wave, but as you can see from this thread most outsiders now look at Gallatin as a place you don’t want to live/work/coach. How many murders did you have there this weekend? The student population at Gallatin may have some athletes, but they are NOT head and shoulders above any other school in 5A/6A that routinely wins. Dealing with the off the field issues these kids have makes this a tougher place to win than 30 years ago. Other schools do have issues, but there are fewer issues at those schools or the support system is in place to make them succeed. Gallatin can get there, but the culture will have to change and the community will need to step up and help the coaches out. I know Gwave1 and Thegreatone are willing, but is anybody else? Trust me, it can be overwhelming when you have 10-15 kids with no ride after practice and you aren’t even sure if they are eating dinner when they get home. I know this from experience. It takes up time and money from high school coaches that they often don’t have. You all threw out Oakland and Whitehaven earlier as examples of “inner city” type schools that succeed. I will give you Whitehaven on that one, but did you know they are a magnet school? That enables them to get the best of the best from Shelby County. I watched an interview with 10 of their most talented players on coacht before the state championship game and 6 of them had transferred in from somewhere else. That makes a huge difference for that program. I don’t think Gallatin has any advantages like this, but I am willing to bet the best players from the area 30 years ago all ended up playing for Calvin Short. Oakland is the new Riverdale in Rutherford County. They get all the best athletes from the area and they too had 2-3 guys transfer in this year that were next level talents. Oakland also has a good mixture of well to do’s and athletes. This enables them to get the support they need to run like a small college program. When was the last time Gallatin had big time transfer move in? I can think of a few at Beech, Hendersonville, and even Station Camp. With all that being said, I will eat a little crow. I have been told there were some top notch coaches apply and I really didn’t think that would happen. If Trey Perry really did apply, then Gallatin should throw the kitchen sink at him to get him in green. If they hire a metro coach, then the search is a failure. Those guys are good for the kids, but I fear they would be consistently outocached at the 5A/6A level. If Perry will not accept, Wilson or Watson are your best two choices to get it turned around. Both are young, hungry, and have won at places that struggle to win at times.
  7. 1 point
    Thanks for the well wishing. I don't think the offensive play calling gave the players an opportunity to succeed. I will leave it at that. I think we will be fine next season. We will again be in the hunt. That's all you can ask really.
  8. 1 point
    Congrats two Okelund.....Thay wur vurry vurry talentid this yeer az usual....Thair D wuz grait and onn O when'st thay lined upp in thait unbalunced set wif tham 2 big ole wings on tha strong side (#4 and #21) rite beeside each othur hit wuz jist unfare......Okelund duz a grait job ov gettin' ewe out flanked and moore blockurs att tha point ov attaick than thay ere defendurs....
  9. 1 point
    In order to keep my blood pressure down and not get kicked off the T for cussing, the above will be my response to everything.
  10. 1 point
    Scroll to the bottom of the article numbnuts and you get your answer. Honestly, you’re just throwing crap against the wall to get people riled up. You are clueless and all here know it.
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