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Peabody vs McKenzie (West Semi Finals)


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49 minutes ago, footballover said:

Trenton by 3 TDs you heard it here 1st

I just don’t see Lake county being that much better than McKenzie. I’ve seen them both and McKenzie. McKenzie gets the win in this one, Peabody has been playing uninspired since the kickoff against Huntingdon, or before but the lack of competition in their region didn’t reveal the lackluster performance. 

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A lot going against Peabody. McKenzie will be fired up.  McKenzie has a better defense than Peabody.  I know I was criticized for my defense remarks on another post. When Peabody has played a decent team (Milan, Westview, Huntingdon) their defense was not good.a lot of arm tackling last night against Lake County I am not being critical but just keeping it real.  Another comment was made about Vaughan only carrying it 20 times last year.  Vaughan was the beast in the backfield in the state championship last year. Go back and look at my comments before the Tide /Meigs state championship game. I stated Peabody will need Vaughan running the ball.   McKenzie will be focused on Ganaway.  Ganaway is incredible but we need  another weapon.  Again early in the season I thought it was going to be Baskerville.  Driggers will need to have a good night for Peabody. 

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