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Haywood 2023


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I'll be interested to see who Haywood does hire. Stacmot, I know that you will let us know.

My daughter teaches at Bartlett, and my grandson is a sophomore on the Bartlett soccer team. That's my only connection to Bartlett. I did hear that they fielded a pretty good football team last year though.


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On 2/7/2023 at 3:04 PM, stacmot said:

Earlier this year five Haywood players were named to the TSWA 4A All-State Football Team.

Twelve Tomcat football players signed scholarships yesterday. The scholarships totaled $1.5 million dollars.  That’s pretty good for a rural West Tennessee football program!  Actually, I think it’s pretty good for any football program!


Haywood’s coaching staff does a great job of motivating players, helping them stay on track, gain recognition for their talent, and earn the opportunity to further their education.  They do a great job of winning football games too!

With all the rumors I’m hearing, will Coach Smith stay or leave?

I know the Tomcats will return a number of backs including an all-state quarterback and an all-state running back.  How are the offensive line, defensive line, and defensive secondary shaping up?
Haywood County’s new SOS is going to have a tough job restoring discipline, improving academics, regaining community support, as well as preparing for the changes that will take place with the arrival of Blue Oval City.  All of that is of the utmost importance, but will she support athletics as well?

Will the Haywood County Commission and the Board of Education approve the money to build a much-needed athletic training facility?  

Will Haywood be able to find a 10th game to fill their schedule?

How strong will region foes Crockett Co., Obion Central, Dyer Co., and Fayette-Ware be?  I know how strong non-region foes Oakland and Hardin Co. will be!

With South Gibson moving to Region 6-4A, what will we do without @ManOfMillionsto beat up on?  I'm just kidding with you MOM.

Last question...Tomcat fans (and non-Tomcat fans too), what are your thoughts concerning the 2023 season?


Congratulations to all the young mem who signed to play at the next level.  They alone speaks volumes for the TomCat program 

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