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Riverside vs ER State Championship Showdown


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Just now, Biggameburt said:

ER sports in the last cycle.

2023 Volleyball final 4 and 4 substates.

Baseball 1 championship 1 runner up 3 sub states.

basketball 1 championship 2 tournament appearances

football quarters and a championship appearance

golf state tournament appearance

track 1st season and 1 appearance at state

FOUR VOLLEBALL SUBSTATES!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!

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2 hours ago, Biggameburt said:

Shaun and Taylor’s brother Kaden will be a freshman next year. Have a couple Princes coming in the next cycle I think. Theirs another groves on the team I forgot his name though. Plays corner and is a promising sophomore, had 2 pics vs Smith.

The Groves kids are legit. Need to stay more composed in games but that’s on their coaches to reel them in. Talent for all of them is undeniable though. I am just keeping it real

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2 hours ago, RHSPanther15 said:

The charter busses they got for the trip to Chattanooga last year was around $3000 this year just the busses have more than tripled in price plus hotel last year they stayed a night at MTSU and a night at Chattanooga with about 100 staff/players plus food. That’s the cost won’t get on my soapbox but I think it’s a bad look begging for money that’s being used on non essential things like a charter bus 

Those kids deserve to ride in a charter bus. Have you ever ridden in a yellow bus on a long trip ? 

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34 minutes ago, TyroneBiggums said:

The Groves kids are legit. Need to stay more composed in games but that’s on their coaches to reel them in. Talent for all of them is undeniable though. I am just keeping it real

I agree that part of it falls on coaching, but it’s not the whole problem. You can only discipline, run, practice, preach, advocate, beg, and drill discipline into these kids for so long before it’s up to them to get it. It’s not a matter of technique or talent but of having a mind and will for it.

I’ve never been a coach, but that’s my perspective on it.

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    • The grade changes and ineligible player are two different situations.    the district purposefully released information and forced CHS to self report before even verifying anything an hour before graduation to distract people from bigger issue. The ol “Ask me about my ACT Scores trick”.  CO kmew people would concentrate more on sports and turn on Keith.  The grade changes were mostly non athletes and kids the principal didn’t want in the building or regular classes. It was simple bump ups so kids could pass classes and get out   As the district started looking into grade changes, the curtains began to one pulled back. Kids not taking EOCs, pre test mode on edgenuity and even some getting to graduate without the proper credits. They found out they let kids graduate without classes they needed and so this entire time people have associated the grade changes to this one football player and athletes. The perfect diversion to place blame on a few and avoid an almost certain downfall of the top.    I was told the lawyer of the director recommended he resign right before the news broke of the ineligible player. It was Keith, the AD and all others who were let go or him so he had his guard dog create a narrative they could sell. And it worked     
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    • Well. Considering how AC recruits from all over Knoxville and the surrounding areas, and Greene county is huge, I’ll take the Carter County all stars as a compliment. Especially since Betsy is the biggest school in Carter County at 4A. And in my opinion if a kid wants to have a better education or better opportunities, more power to them. It does help if they have size, speed and can fill a position of need though! LOL
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