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  1. 1 point
    I'll reach out to him again this year. I was looking forward to talking with him after the title game last year and then the weather hit and I couldn't get back up there Sunday for the re-schedule.
  2. 1 point
    Lol I'm sure it's nothing personal.
  3. 1 point
    Definetly should come see either the Henry County/Brentwood game or Henry County/Germantown game. Both huge games.
  4. 1 point
    The Milan vs Huntingdung game you have listed will be a good one. The Milan vs Peabody game week 1 will be a good one as well. All 3 are contenders to go to Cookeville.
  5. 1 point
    VERY Important Note from CoachT- we now have almost every school in the country in our database. So, when you add a game use the autofill selection for EVERY school you add including your opponent. The ONLY time you will type in an opponent's full name is when they are not in our database, which is rare. Thanks You can now enter schedules and/or rosters. Do NOT enter any scrimmages or jamborees! We only want games that count in your school's record. Please follow the following directions closely: HOW TO ADD SCHEDULES To add a schedule, go to the Inside page for your team and click "Schedule/Results." There is a link on that page called "Add Games." Click it and it will take you to the form. As you type in the names the database will begin to fill it in for you. Select the correct team from the choices, even for out-of-state teams. IMPORTANT NOTES - The games you add will not appear on the website until they are previewed by site operators. - In order to save time, add only those games that do not already appear on the schedule. - Use the drop-down menu for all games, even against out-of-state opponents. Almost all schools nationwide are in the list. Check your spelling, or try typing it a different way (ie co instead of county). - If the game is a district game, be sure to check the appropriate box. -Please include game times. Finally: Until you're very familiar with the form, be sure to look over it before you submit it each time to avoid mistakes. Once you have finished adding the schedule your entry will appear on the website once CoachT validates your submission. HOW TO ADD ROSTERS To add a roster, go to the Inside page for your team and click "Roster." Add the players. You must include information in every field except weight. That is optional. To add schedules and rosters, find your school's team Inside CoachT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Schedules, or partial schedules, that we currently have. When you make a mistake, and you will , then email me at [email protected] and include the link to the schedule or roster in the email. Including the link to something that needs editing saves me a tremendous amount of time over an entire season.
  6. 1 point
    I agree. But you have to think Hidlay does too. With that take down he’s got all the momentum. They take it away and now instead of having the lead on a big TD at the end of the period, he gets nothing. Still, I think Hidlay wrestled the better match all 7 minutes. Kid deserved it and had it ripped away by the officials. I can guarantee you if it was Nolf who had gotten the takedown it would’ve stood as called no question. Even more messed up part is Nolf even said after the match that it was a takedown And Cassar DEFINITELY stalled 99% of the match. It was bad. Yet no stalling calls. Then, the riding time at the end should’ve been stopped around :57-:59 when Gable escapes. But again they “looked at it” and screwed him too.
  7. 1 point
    Spring Football Scrimmages are starting to be fizzled out at many programs. The combination of spring sports taking place and risking an injury going into summer workouts is just too great of a chance nowadays. Teams get more out of 7vs7 in the summer before they start fall practice and the Scrimmages and Games really crank up.
  8. 1 point
    It is amazing how a school with successful athletic programs like Pearl Cohn can have football players winning track state championships, but another school that can't beat them in football tells its kids not to run track or play baseball or do anything else except football. And every year they underachieve. Good luck FIrebirds. Football, Basketball and Track all State bound.
  9. 1 point
    I'll check it out. Now a days not only are we fighting a culture that resists God, but we are also trying to connect with kids for whom church, God, even a higher power, is a foreign concept. So how do you do it? Do you preach for 6 weeks then teach blocking schemes? To me you connect first on a human level, then they will see God in you. Then you start letting HIm do the rest. He's in charge of it anyway.
  10. 1 point
    Thanks! That was a great site. Hopefully he'll get the site back up, if he hasn't already.
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