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Alcoa vs Milan


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Guest nwtnsports

Milan fans, I know I'm not your favorite poster on here. But now that the season is over, just want to share this.


I tried all season to encourage you to consider that maybe the Bulldogs weren't as good as you thought they were. But they were really that good. I was wrong. This year's team finishes as one of only six teams to play for a state championship in the storied history of the program. Only the third team to finish with 14 wins. The state's second best team in Class AA.


Once again, I sincerely apologize if I have upset or offended you. This season adds another chapter to the strong tradition that is Milan football and has to solidify their place as the best program in West Tennessee. The players, coaching staff and fans have a lot of which to be proud. Bulldog fans, you are some of the most passionate, dedicated fans in the state. The community support is just unbelievable. That showed this week - with what sounded like a huge purple-clad crowd at the game and many watching the game or huddled around the radio back at home.


Hope the guys that got hurt tonight are okay.


Congratulations to Milan on a great year!


To Alcoa - wow! Way to go on your fifth consecutive state title and tenth in school history. The Tornadoes proved, just like the last four years, that they are without question the best AA team in the state and one of the best statewide. My congratulations to your players, coaching staff and fans. An awesome team.


Thanks for the memories, guys. I'm very thankful to have been a part of high school football this year.

Here's wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas season.

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Congrats to Alcoa. I consider myself a class act, so im giving props where it is needed.


For those who thought Milan was weak, were dead wrong.


Im going to make my points, then sign off. Because some will appreciate my words and some will be classless punks.


I thought Milan did a very good job on the defensive end. The first drive forced Alcoa to punt and for the most part Milan's defense was on the field way too long to win the game. Milans offense never got anything going.


I was most impressed with Alcoa's class on the field. I expected punks, I was wrong. I saw class.

The entire game was played in Milan territory it seemed like. Sam Thompson can punt a mile.


#19 Avery Williamson is a man among boys. 22 Tackles Defensive MVP. This is not an insult but he absolutely lit up Alcoa's running back before their first score. Before the halfback pass. Big props to Milan's defense. I thought they played extremely well for the situations they were put in. The Punt Return was huge. That opened the game up.

Milan had success with the QB run and with Avery Williamson. Just could never open up the passing game, Alcoa lined the safetys up over the top and took away the deep threat.


Thought Milan did a great job on the line for what they had. Numerous sacks and putting Alcoa in 3rd and longs.

Alcoa's running back ran very hard. Hes a good player. "Im showing respect here". Just wish Milan would have had some sustaining drives. Hats off to Alcoa.


I can't say enough about Avery Williamson. One fact about it, hes back next year. Only a junior. With the SEC looks he has already, tonight probably topped it off for him. He'll be on tv soon enough.


The good thing Milan fans, is that pretty much the whole team is returning


#19 Avery Williamson MLB, #29 Jabronski Gilbert RB/OLB, #38 Chris Bledsoe OLB, #32 SS Tim Adkisson, #24 Beau Vandiver WR/SS, # 5 Domique Moore WR, #88 Christian Coleman who blocked the punt and ran it in was a Sophomore. Things look up for a return to the Buro next season



Congrats Alcoa on a great season. Congrats Milan on a great season.

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Lloyd, Milan does return a bit, but they also lose a bit. JW, Tristian, Postoak, Coleman, some linemen, and I might be forgetting a couple of others. I wouldn't be surprised to see Milan return back next season, but they'll have to work for it ALOT more next year than they did this year. This year's Milan team was very fun to watch. Who will the QB be for Milan next year?

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Milan lost this game on the offensive side of the ball... the play calling was putrid... We should have seen Avery from the get go... Alcoa good game! Any offense from Milan and it could have been a great game!... I would have liked to have seen this game last year when Milan had good size on the line... That Alcoa D is everything it was hyped up to be... But at the same time so was Milan's, it just saw way to much of the field tonight... Have a great off season Alcoa hope to see you again next year!... And Id like to give props for the entire town of Milan showing up tonight! lol seriously!

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Milan, how can you expect to have a great team when some of your fans stink so bad? It is so low class to leave the game when your team is playing hard; even if you are behind. Come on guys, this was the state championship game. Surely you can stay beyond the 3rd quarter. You want a great team, you got to have a great tradition. Part of that tradition has to be fans who are there with the team in good times and bad.


A second thought too. No doubt in my mind the number 1 team in the state was playing tonight (Aloca). The other team however, based on the games we have played, might be the number 4 team.

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Congrats Milan on another fine season, just a little short this year. With ya'lls program, we'll see ya back there next year. Alot of returning talent coming back I see. Future looks bright for the Bulldawgs in Purple. I also think the game was down on the O side of the ball. I don't follow the dawgs during regular season, but the play calling I saw tonight I wasn't understanding. The defense though was very good, you gave Alcoa fits most of the game. I believe they will give a little more respect come Sat morning.


and congrats to Alcoa, fine game. Ya'lls defense was the best I've seen on any level this year. I to understand the hype everybody was talking about. One other thing, props to ya'lls coach, that was pure class displayed when he walked out on the field to check on the injured bulldawg......just pure class I say. I can understand the effort the kids put their hearts into with a leader like that...........JUST PURE CLASS, THE WHOLE ALCOA PROGRAM

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Milan, how can you expect to have a great team when some of your fans stink so bad? It is so low class to leave the game when your team is playing hard; even if you are behind. Come on guys, this was the state championship game. Surely you can stay beyond the 3rd quarter. You want a great team, you got to have a great tradition. Part of that tradition has to be fans who are there with the team in good times and bad.


A second thought too. No doubt in my mind the number 1 team in the state was playing tonight (Aloca). The other team however, based on the games we have played, might be the number 4 team.

Until these other teams step on the field against the boys in purple Milan is #2 and you cant take that away from them. If we had played the entire game on offense like the fourth when something finally clicked well buddy its a dif ball game.


Oh and in reference to our fans you need to pay more attention and not just be another talking head. The earliest I saw anyone leave might have been with 5 min left in the game. You cant fault them for that. We def had more fans there than Alcoa, and heck there students were the only ones standing. Most of our fans stud yelling the entire game. If fans decided a ball game Milan would have spanked Alcoa tonight. We have some of the best fans in the state. That showed tonight. Alcoa's contingency looked like Neyland stadium on saturdays!



Oh and these so called better teams prolly dont have half the defense that Alcoa team does and on any given night when Milan is facing a normal high school D they are liable to hurt their feelings! Badly!

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Wrong as always reitz. Alcoa did not dominate both sides of the line. Both defenses dominated the line of scrimmage. Alcoa- 2.9 yards per play Milan-3.5.(before the overzealous alcoa fans jump on this i realize the score is the only stat that matters, just making a point here) Our defense played extremely well. TOP was about 3:1 alcoa and the entire game took place on our side of the field. Yet we only gave up 172 yards and 21 points to the greatest team God ever allowed to put on pads. We just made too many mistakes to win against a team that didn't make any. The penalties, 3 TOs, trick punt return, and the HB pass. Just can't do it. We couldn't get anything done up front on offense. Gilbert was getting hit 3 yards in the backfield.


Congrats to Alcoa. Ya'll played like a championship team with flawless execution. One of the best D's I've ever seen. Amazing to have the ability to stuff the middle when you're playing 2 deep safetys. The issue of the playcalling is an unfounded argument. Our bread and butter is up the middle but we can't block anyone. Can't throw over their 2 deep safetys. And the good runs by Avery came late when Alcoa was a little worn and looked to win. Hard to get into a rythym when you can't even get a first down.


7 starters returning on both sides. Hope to see you again next year.

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Congrats to Alcoa . It cracks me up how easily you all get upset with FBEmeritus's little cracks . I can't even get on an Alcoa thread anymore due to 90 plus pages of smack talk and photo shop galore going down , then FBE can get you all out of shape with the slightest dig ... anyway , way to represent Blount co. , Home of the CHAMPIONS !



pepvol we have nothing but respect for Maryville. Most of the Alcoa posters always pull for you guys and have nothing but good things to say. Unless we are playing the Rebels. Of course there is always some bantering going on, its just in good fun. FBEmeritus comes on here and makes snide remarks all the time. He wants to do this for WHAT??? He doesn't pull for Alcoa. He hates Alcoa... That's why we respond to this jerk.



Personally, I think this has been a great thread this week. We have had a lot of fun poking at Milan.


As for the Tornadoes tonight, all I can say is 5555555555555555555555555555555555! Milan was not ready for the F5. I believe their schedule was weak and we proved that tonight. The D was the difference. Milan couldn't run the ball all night. Alcoa won the battle in the trenches. That proved to be the difference. If it wasn't for the Avery kid tonight Milan would have got beat really bad. That guy played one heck of a game. My hats off to him and Milan for a great season.

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