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  1. 4 points
    Daniel Uhorchuck...8 pins in all 8 matches. All in the first period! Getcha some!
  2. 3 points
    To echo Sells, great work EVERYONE... Thank you cbg. I am obviously biased but it appears that the Ironman is indeed synonymous with Blackman. Knowing there were proms and ACT's this weekend, along with wrestlers playing their second or third sport of the year, our numbers were awesome. Most of them probably don't read the boards but I want to recognize the ladies behind the scenes that make this event not only successful, but possible. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING. Shout out to Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, and Virginia.. we enjoyed having you. Special thanks to John Salter for making sure every kid was able to wrestle, even though it meant starting late. We know that's not how you roll! To the TWF, 32 Ironman winners.. kudos. And finally, the refs. You all did a great job. No one will ever be happy... Thanks for stepping up! See you all next year!!!
  3. 3 points
    Just saw where Brayden Palmer is going to podium at FloNats! Huge accomplishment! I can’t find any other Tennessee guys on there but I know there are others who made the trip. Does anyone know how they all did?
  4. 3 points
    Stop your chirping as I have volunteered my time over the past 45 years numerous times and still continue to donate my time. I have taken kids all over the country and never received a dime not even for my room, meals or transportation. The next time you decide to call me out you may want to do a background check as I have done most everything related to wrestling that you could ever imagine. IF YOU DO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO AND ARE FAIR WITH PEOPLE YOU WILL STAND ONLY A SMALL CHANCE OF PEOPLE JUMPING YOUR BACKSIDE. AGAIN ELIMINATE THE "DADDY BALL" AND YOU WILL GAIN MUCH MORE RESPECT.
  5. 3 points
    I can promise you, not all medalists were called. Not even close. And his point is spot on, excuse of lack of time is not a valid excuse. We are talking about kids that felt the EARNED the chance to represent the state.
  6. 2 points
    Gabby Neal from Cane Ridge signed a scholarship with Campbellsville University last Wednesday. She is the 1st Girl from our District and Cane Ridge High School to receive a Wrestling Scholarship! Hopefully this is a trend that continues to build! Thank you, Coach Scott Cane Ridge High School
  7. 2 points
  8. 2 points
    There are no “real” qualifications for SE’s....just sign up online, like most every other tourney. As for exemptions....Ben and crew are terrific with them. Yes, everyone prefers that you participate in the state tourneys...yes, it’s great if you can....but, each state has a certain number of spots, at various weight classes. That said, I have never heard of Ben denying any kid wanting to go...mainly because we never have enough kids going. Finally, and this is just my opinion.....I will never get why HS parents spend a lot of money to go to Fargo, when their son has no business out there. Chase did not compete in the Fr/Gr State tourney’s, but we competed at SE Regionals and NC qualifier...Chase finished 5th in Fr and Gr at SE’s, and 5th and 7ish in NC. Ben gave Chase an exemption with no problems....we opted not to spend the money for Fargo, though....cane up with a calf injury. If you can’t win or runner-up TN, and can’t place top 4 at SE or any of the numerous qualifiers around the SE....you are wasting money...stay home and keep training. I never could get all that money spent, just to watch your kid go 2 and out. That said, my advice is to not get so bent out of shape about this....go wrestle where YOU, and your coach, think YOUR kid should wrestle/train to prepare for Fargo....then, when the time comes, shoot and email to Ben....if there are spots open, you will get the exemption...pretty simple and very easy.
  9. 2 points
    Brushing off going 8-2 like it's simple to do, or even the notion that that it still would be a failure of a season is the exact reason I would say Shawn has applied to other jobs. People forget there was a time Betsy was going 5-5, 4-6, and even 3-7. Zero appreciation for the job he has done, entitlement in the first degree.
  10. 2 points
    Great coaching seminar they had over at UT this past week for the local football coaches.
  11. 2 points
    ObserverW The real point is that Tennessee already has enough coaches and parents putting together teams to benefit themselves. What Tennessee needs is those individuals to coach the teams that do not have any kids involved and are merely coaching to help whatever kids are on the team. You have some parents coaching in youth wrestling that have never put on a pair of shoes at the high school level much less a quality college team and people are convinced they know what they are doing. With the "Daddy Ball" parents, 99.9% will be gone the minute their child walks across the graduation line. The problem is that another group will be right behind them wanting to take their place. It's a vicious cycle that seems to never end.
  12. 2 points
    I wasn't the one who named anyone specifically but I 100% agree that there were wrestlers who were left off the team, that were never asked to participate, who finished higher at state than others who were on the team. Does that make anyone not deserving to be on the team, no BUT it was a disservice to those who were left off! Call it semantics or whatever you please, but if it hurts your feelings by saying someone who finished ahead of another in the state tournament is more deserving, then maybe you need to get out of your snowflake bubble. If I finish with a state medal and you do not, then I DESERVE to be offered the spot before you do. Sorry if you feel that is negative but that's just the facts bro. I think it is great that all our National teams had success in Iowa, but again I MUST be left to wonder what might have been IF we had given ourselves the best opportunity to win with the best available wrestlers.
  13. 2 points
    the ability for kids to transfer TO these schools and not have to sit out, and kids not being able to transfer from a school is wrong. If one is allowed, then all should be allowed. Just because "boarding" is involved, should not change eligibility rules. I've never been in favor of a high school kid having to sit out, but this needs to be a level playing field. FOR ALL kids
  14. 2 points
    Shad was a good ole man He lived below the mill Shad had two daughters And a forty-gallon still One gal watched the boiler The other watched the spout And mama corked the bottles And ole Shad fetched 'em out. Shad slippin' up the holler Shad try to make a dollar Shad give me a swaller And I'll pay you back someday. The revenuers came for him A-sippin' though the woods Shad kept behind them all And never lost his goods Shad was a trader When into town he'd come Sugar by the bushel And molasses by the ton. Shad slippin' up the holler Shad try to make a dollar Shad gimme a swaller And I'l pay you back someday. Shad slippin' up the holler Shad try to make a dollar Shad give me a swaller And I'll pay you back someday.
  15. 2 points
    Hard to believe this is from 1973. Coach Bill Wallace of Friendsville going over things with his QB Darrel Clabough during a game almost 45 years ago. Bill Wallace was a real good man and well thought of in the town of Friendsville. A great basketball coach as well.
  16. 2 points
    You would be correct. That is actually the second time he has beat him since the state finals. Also beat him i think 5-4 at The King of The Hill tournament up at Science Hill. Sucks they had to meet in the blood rounds though would have been cool to see them both place
  17. 2 points
    Congrats to all the Tennessee guys who competed at Virginia Beach. Thought Tennessee was well represented with two finalist. If not for a questionable call would have had two champions. Javier looked very impressive in the senior division and even came back and beat the kid who knocked him out of the championship round.
  18. 1 point
    So, you "pick on" me? Sorry I haven't ever noticed you before. But I will be sure to ask your approval before I post anything else.
  19. 1 point
    Loudon county champs two years in a row,and they still say the LC and Loudon game is the county championship.Ill take the Blount deal.
  20. 1 point
    Sawyer Knott from Summit will be wrestling at Utah Valley next year.
  21. 1 point
    "If" true then Christian has the job, and has had the job from the get go. Of the three Witten is a pretty good coach, Seals is a "knocked it out of the park" type of hire, and Christian has no head coaching experience but has been a "good" assistant coach. So it's plain to see who they would name head coach. Right?
  22. 1 point
    This took all of 2 seconds to look up.... What the heck people.....are you guys really so ridiculous that you can’t use “google?” Now you know......now what? Looks like every area is well represented, and looks like the meeting was well attended. Can not see any reason to doubt the Region Directors commitment to bettering TN Wrestling....some of the best, and most dedicated coaches and people I’ve found in my 6 years of TN wrestling. heck, I noticed Scott was even a non-voting attendee......that means ALL you that have complaints will be involved next time, right? Better yet....contact your Region Director with your concerns. NATIONAL TEAMINFORMATION FIND ACLUB Minutes of the TWF Annual Meeting 2017 September 17, 2017 8pm CST Attendees: Voting Members 1.Ben Bowers Chairman 2. Derek Harrison Vice Chairman 3. Jerry Teaster East Region Director 4. James Torres South Region Director 5. Nelson Shirley West Region Director 6. Peter Miller Middle South Director 7. David Isbell Middle North Director 8. Doug Badon Woman’s Wrestling Director 9. Junior Hernandez Knox Elite 10. Vic Martin Wolfpack 11. Hagee Tri City 12. Chad Laxton Higher Calling Wrestling 13. Shawn Weller Baylor 14. Longo Bartlett 15. Mark Beckwith Bluff City 16. Brian Bauke West Tenn. Takedown 17. Jeremy Doty Elite 18. Israel Cordero Mid South 19. Brandon Isbell Clarksville 20. Mrs. Isbell Knuckleheads 22. Jeramie Welder WOSBO 23. Denny Butler Spartan Note: 24: Garrett House Membership Director Submitted his Proxy Votes to Members of the Board. Non-Voting Attendees: 25. Jake Yost 26. Scott Taylor 27. Matt High Schoolboy National Team Coach 28. Al Miller 29. Shane Chittum
  23. 1 point
    Is anyone going to post all the members of the executive committee?
  24. 1 point
    I think you misunderstand a big part of why people have a problem with this. If you are trying to put together a true team Tennessee, then it should be a true team Tennessee. The wrestleoff idea was a great idea and fair but not feasible. If you want the best that you can get in TN you go through the results and reach out to coaches and wrestlers. They will come. I can remember about 15 to 20 yrs ago coach Henry put an incredible team together of the best wrestlers in TN and I’m pretty sure they walked through the best of PA, MI, IL and OH down at camp Jordan. I know for a fact that he didn’t put any preference on his own kids because it was a who’s who of TN wrestling. Keller, Ward, Blackmon, Yost, Simpson’s, Dunning’s, K James, Cordell, D McKnight, Q Gibson, hvy from Greeneville, etc. I watched that team and it was incredible. It was put together by inviting the best kids that would come....no preferences. Kids love to be a part of things like this. This thing turned into a mess from the get go.
  25. 1 point
    That’s the Bradley Invitational which is HS folkstyle Tournament that Bradley hold every year during the winter and not the Matt Keller Classic which is freestyle/Greco tournament Bradley hold in the spring.
  26. 1 point
    I love Hodge and Davis. MHS has been a great program for a long time but I don't recall two players in the same class at MHS with their kind of explosive athletic ability. They are both big time difference makers.
  27. 1 point
    Doesnt seem to be to many registered for this tournament, mainly blackman's kids. Bradley invitational looks really good seems they have lots who committed already. Whats the reason that one does and the ironman doesnt seem to have many coming? Does everyone register last minute?
  28. 1 point
    I think it's going to really hurt both Morristown Schools and Jeff County, but also just about everyone else within 50 miles (Sevier Co., Cocke County, the Hawkins and Greene county schools, etc.). This school is going to be huge (1200 kids--a 5A school!) and have maybe the nicest facilities in the state, plus they'll be competing in D2 so they can openly recruit and offer financial aid. NET schools aren't used to dealing with that type of pressure from privates recruiting their athletes away.
  29. 1 point
    You back the Brinks truck up to get PW, how are you going to pay his assistants? You pay him.... Then what? Everyone else do it for free? I don't think so. Everyone talking about him like he is single handedly going to get DCA on top. You're crazy to think that. Go back and look at the staff that PW was on when he was A PART of all 10 of those teams. I will guarantee you that those staffs were loaded with top assistants and talent. And another thing he has always seem to put himself in a winning situation. Easy to coach top talent. This wouldn't be one of those situations. This would be the head coach scraping together a staff on peanuts with a bad roster. MOJO
  30. 1 point
    Do you have a man crush on PC? You're at stalker level with your obsessive following and ridicule. Kind of sad to see a grown man, I'm assuming you are a grown man, cyber bully someone on a high school message board.
  31. 1 point
    This has been a very odd search to follow. As entertaining as GCA's search last year. Everything from 6A coaches to MS coaches in the mix. How has this "always been a two man race"? Plenty have of accolades for Wade. Why does the name Dorris keep coming up? Nothing mentioned about his accolades or achievements. What happened to the 6A guy, etc...
  32. 1 point
    I’m so proud of him. He’s been wrestling really good here lately. There might be more, but I at least know of William Witt (113), Trent Knight (170), Brayden Ivy (MS 100). Witt went 1-2, and Knight went 2-2.
  33. 1 point
    Kills me when someone like King Greene who I have never even met tries to do something good and instead gets crap the entire time while loudmouths with supposed credentials(who cares!) badmouths them, instead of doing it themselves, had he same problem with my sons soccer and instead of whine on message boards I went and got my soccer licenses and coach myself, no more daddy ball and I also make no decisions at all on what kids are on my team I coach and instead of whining about a problem I went out to solve it instead! And for this, my son isn’t even on my team this year, instead he is a level better and playing for another team!
  34. 1 point
    I didn't miss any mark on anything and at my age I have watched this happen numerous times. The only reason that "DADDY BALL" happens in any sport including wrestling is because various coaches and parents allow it to happen. This is not just a problem with athletics but it is a problem with today's society as we have so many helicopter parents and people that refuse to donate their time without knowing what is in it for them. In closing I will say that if someone is ask to do a job, even a volunteer job (select and team and take them to a national tournament) and you don't feel as if there is not enough time to do the job properly or you are not qualified then decline to take the assignment. If you take a job then do it the right way and don't make excuses for your actions after someone calls you on the carpet. With all of that being said I will say that I would have never scheduled a tournament or event on Easter weekend as that is just asking for issues.
  35. 1 point
    Just jerking your chain. Tide and Wavo the favorites.
  36. 1 point
    Great kid. talented but also very hard working.
  37. 1 point
    Doing a fine job, young man!
  38. 1 point
    Cannon County is now filled and Knox. Halls is open. Hopefully this list will be complete shortly. Blackman - Kit Hartsfield *Bolton - 03/20/18 Cannon County - Matt Daniel Chattanooga Central - Curt Jones Chester County - Steve Robinson Cordova - Marcus Wimberly *Copper Basin - 02/28/18 *David Crockett - 03/15/18 *DCA - 03/02/18 *Dobyns Bennett - 03/06/18 Ensworth - Jeremy Garrett Ezell Harding - Dustin McGee Fayette Ware - Michael Hodum Gibbs - Brad Turner Gordonsville - Scott Clemons Grundy County - Scott Smith Halls - Scott Blair Hendersonville - James Beasley *Houston - 01/31/18 Humboldt - Daniel Nowell Jellico - Steve Smith Kingsbury - Quinton Jones KIPP Academy - G. Benjamin Myles *Knoxville Halls - 04/05/18 **Lakewood Christian Academy - Bruce Fowler Lincoln County - Tim Johnson Lookout Valley - David Dinger Memphis Central - Major Wright *Memphis East - 01/12/18 Milan - Craig "Teddy" Pettigrew Nolensville - Paul Derrick Oakhaven - Edward Kuykendoll Ooltewah - Scott Chandler Pickett County - Ray Reagan *Powell - 04/02/18 Raleigh Egypt - Larry Franklin Red Bank - Chris Brown *RePublic - 03/19/18 *Richland - 03/10/18 Rossville Christian - Teran Conley Scott - Josh Terry Sequatchie County - Mark Wattenbarger Seymour - Scott Gaylon Spring Hill - Ben Martin *Stone Memorial - 04/03/18 Sullivan North - Preston Patrick Trezevant - Antwoine Wellington Upperman - Adam Caine Volunteer - Justin Pressley Westmoreland - Chad Perry *Westwood - 02/21/18
  39. 1 point
    Good luck on finding any other info. I have been working to put together a FS & GR team this year for our area. Unfortunately there is little to no help as far as the TN USA website, most info is years old at this point. Blackman always does a great job putting on the Ironman, but outside of that I am honestly not sure. Many have asked about Best of the Best, with no reply on that one either, so once again who knows. Hopefully we will have more clarity in the future so we can get that to our athletes and try to continue to grow wrestling in TN. Feel free to reach out and I will share any info I have as well, [email protected]
  40. 1 point
    Coach Weinke says no.
  41. 1 point
  42. 1 point
    It was quite the sight to see, a few I know were also state medalists that he pinned.
  43. 1 point
    Friendsville beat Gatlinburg 39-0 that year at home on September 25th.
  44. 1 point
    thru Kimbell or across the stae line thru Bridgeport Booger just sayin
  45. 1 point
    why does where someone lives change the rule? All that does is give the boarding schools an unfair advantage. And now the rest of the state isn't allowed to change because they will live in a house? The rules need to be the same for ALL kids
  46. 1 point
    Happy Easter; He Is Risen!!
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point
    I don't have any inside information or anything, but he seemed pretty chummy with the Baylor wrestlers at the WC Wildcat tourney earlier this year. Pretty sure I saw his dad talking to some of the Baylor parents there too. Wouldn't be surprised if he's wrestling for them next year.
  49. 1 point
    That league is extremely talented. Ensworth in any other division probably would have been playing for a Gold Ball most of the past 5 to 6 years.
  50. 1 point
    I worked all 21 games at the state tournament doing stats. Where I was placed I sat right next to the home bench, at the scorers table, and I have done so all year as I keep stats for a local high school as well to help them out. I worked probably close to 100 high school games keeping stats at the table with officials from all over the state. What I saw at the state tournament in the Bradley Houston game with the ref that called the technical was ridiculous. It started with a warning to a coach for being out of his box. When you watch the film, the play is on the opposite end of the floor. The ref who called it is on the opposite baseline, and is peeking past players as they are dribbling towards him, and stops play to call Reuter out of his box 85 feet away from him. The technical foul is the weakest technical foul I have ever seen in my life. He had not said anything to the referees up to that point other than trying to figure out what the warning was for. He gave the traveling motion, when the girl clearly dragged her foot a good two or three feet after she picked up her dribble. He had already stopped giving the motion, and two seconds later the official calls the technical. That same official had been terrible the night before in the Gatlinburg-Pitman game. As soon as I saw his name on the list for day three I was concerned. Even after he called the technical, he could be seen staring Reuter down out of timeouts, and when the play was on his benches side. He had been staring him down the entire game. Meanwhile, in the AA state final Upperman's coach is at half court, all over two officials, and I hear "Coach get back to your box, we will figure this out." Bradley was only told that there could have been better communication between the officials and coaches about giving hand signals and that life isn't fair sometimes. I find it ridiculous. I have lived in other states and in the West Virginia Secondary Schools Athletic Commission (WVSSAC), the coaches rate the officials after every game 1-5, with one being the best, and if they give them a four or five, they have to write a letter to the state explaining why they gave them that. Officials also have to fill out a report after every technical they give, and explain why they gave it, and it also has to include the two teams, score, time and quarter of the game. The TSSAA has no accountability, and I find it extremely frustrating. I will give them this. That official did not call a state championship game, but was a stand by official. At that level I feel that the TSSAA is not only the one to blame. The assigner for the Middle Tennessee association (the association that specific referee was from) should be asked why he recommended him to call the state tournament. There needs to be more accountability not just for officials, but for the TSSAA as a whole. Until there is, you will continue to have problems like this, and the way it is looking it will only get worse.
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