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    Had the Principal out on the field yesterday...... Jeff Gilbert is a blessing too! First time I have ever seen that happen!
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    Mess around and see a bunch of kids go to Stewarts Creek and Rockvale
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    Eagleville is young and on the rise I believe. Clarkrange and Pickett County will always be tough.
  7. 1 point
    ok purple, here it is, quoted from this post. It's on the first page of this thread in bold print no less. Also, the things I stated are not generalities, they are specific, literal things that have happened. Perhaps it is you that is too uninformed about this situation to comment.
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    I love it RR… when it was public's griping about privates, these same people took the high road with " just strap it up and play". Go back and read some of the infinitesimal details and complex formulas devised to keep away from BA and Ensworth. #justplay
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    Oakland also had one of the best Lawyers in this county as head of its Booster Club at one time and he made sure they kept things above board and legal. He is the main reason they have their indoor facility. While Brad and I are not close, I really do like and more importantly RESPECT him.
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