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  1. Today
  2. If MJ couldn’t score, WC couldn’t score... how do we expect Hville to score more than 7. Which I’m sure Gallatin will easily do. End result 21 plus point win for Gtown.
  3. Your jokes are bad, it’s that simple lol you have a high school kids humor that’s stuck in the 70’s.
  4. Mr. insert “comical” pictures to get upvotes. When I put it like that, you actually are funny for once!! But probably not in the way you intend...
  5. I believe they only threw 3 on Giles. I may be wrong but that seems about right.
  6. Well MLK beat Hume-Fogg 2-1. In a great back and forth match. Congrats to MLK for beating Hume-Fogg for first time since 1996! I saw where Central Magnet defeated Page 1-0, WHH beat WH 8-2, and Sycamore beat Fairview 8-1. That Nolensville vs Sycamore game should be really good! Good luck to all.
  7. Hart County had Casey County scheduled as a backup
  8. I am sad but I agree.I heard Vonore getting their own High School that that might help
  9. In Your Head Rent Free ALL THE TIME
  10. Let me address your post. First you said private schools were part of the problem. Why is that? The reason private schools are becoming more prevalent in Shelby county is because of the collapsing condition of the public schools. The private schools didn't bring this on in any way shape or form. The public schools did it to themselves. What other funding for public schools is needed besides property taxes? Tradertwo eloquently and factually explained why throwing tons of money at the Shelby County School System is not resulted in better schools. You also ask what am I doing to help. Why should I help the public school system in Shelby County? I don't live there and I do not enter the County unless absolutely necessary. I live in Jackson Tennessee and I pay property taxes which fund the bulk of the money for our Public Schools. I do not even have a child in the system. The cost per child ratio is very high in Madison County and we are not receiving resulting higher test scores. The moral of the story is that simply throwing money at the issue will not turn around and fix the problem. While you took time to bash private schools let's also remember that the parents of private school students also pay property taxes to fund the public school system in addition to paying tuition for their children to attend private school. You also seem to try and say that I am part of the problem for the lack of quality of public schools. I would love for you to explain that. As I live in Madison County, it is not my duty to help fix a broken down rust-bucket school system like the one in Shelby County. If you want to improve that dumpster fire of a school system, you must look from within. Rebuild those schools from the inside out. Better public and neighborhood Pride would be a good start. Many mothers and fathers in Memphis need to start worrying more about their kids and less about where they're going to get their next beer, cigarettes, or lottery tickets. The moral to my rant is don't expect me as an outsider to help fix a broken down Memphis school system repairs must start from within.
  11. I’m with you. We need more Thursday night games during the season IMO
  12. If you follow Meigs sports, we had some bad luck against signal the last few years (not talking about football). But. I hope they win tonight!!!
  13. Looks like the Stratford win for PC was a more quality win that the EN one...
  14. The weather app I use doesn’t say anything about bad winds and weather.com doesn’t show high winds.
  15. I'll be less than 10 miles away from this game tomorrow night, calling Father Ryan at McCallie. I had hoped KC/Baylor would be on the NFHS Network so I could watch it later when I game prep for FRHS/KC, but no such luck as it appears KC won't be streaming it. I watched the Knoxville Catholic game against McCallie earlier this week. KC has a strong front seven, which helped them to hang in there in the first half. Stout run defense in the middle. But McCallie was able to spread KC out and do a lot of damage running outside the tackles. McCallie built on their lead late in the first half. In the second half, McCallie was finally able to run between the tackles with some success. And by some success I mean McCallie ended up with 421 yards rushing. Baylor has a very strong team this year, and I'm not sure how Knoxville Catholic will stop this: Elijah Howard is a special player. Keep in mind Howard was facing a very good McCallie defense in that clip above, and he was making diagonal cuts like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl. KC has a prolific offense, and that matchup against Baylor's stacked defense is going to be intriguing. Baylor has held every opponent besides McCallie to 17 points or fewer. KC QB Kaden Martin might test the Red Raiders' secondary, but Martin can't just rely on a strong arm as Baylor will punish you for being off-target on throws. McCallie QB DeAngelo Hardy was 16-21 passing with zero interceptions against Baylor, while WR Eric Rivers had 200 yards receiving. McCallie had to lean on its passing game to beat the Red Raiders, and KC would almost surely have to do the same. But it won't be easy. There is a certain irony to Brentwood Academy potentially needing Brentwood High to beat Knox Catholic on 10/25 for BA to be able to catch up with KC in the non-region loss column. It might not be this season, but at some point there will be a three-way tie (three teams at 2-3 in a region, each with a 1-1 record against the other two teams) where one school misses the playoffs because they lost more non-region games than the other two schools.
  16. It "rained" up there last Friday right before we played...Dang drought everywhere else but there
  17. Media Day was yesterday. Cleveland was picked first unanimously by coaches & media, as they should have been. I think Bradley, East Ham & WV will all be fighting for 2nd. East Ham must have lost a lot, because they were really talented last year. http://clevelandbanner.com/stories/bearettes-raiders-repeat-as-hoop-picks,104254
  18. This type thread usually gets a lot of play... I think maybe because it's in the "general" football forum, not many people have seen it ( I just did for the first time). @Southtowner usually has good insight even out of his area, might be that he'd have some input. Henry County has a good case for the top spot. Most reasonable people would give them the nod over all other teams for various reasons... they've beaten "better" opposition, sheer numbers (depth), common opponent comparison, and enrollment size (classification). One team that I'm not sure about though, is Peabody. The tide is talented and deep... their coaching staff (not just the HC) is great, and they've beaten everybody on their schedule (so far) by pretty much whatever they wanted to win by. Position vs. position Henry Co. probably stacks up better, but as a team I'm not sold that Trenton wouldn't outscore the Pats should they play. Milan sort of exposed Covington as one dimensional, but with better play calling on offense coupled with their extraordinary defense, they could give both Trenton and Henry County fits. I'm sort of leaving Haywood out of the conversation, but to me, they just don't seem on the same level as the other three mentioned.
  19. That was a good run at it Lol
  20. Article says Cleveland only returns 1 starter, but I can think of at least 3 returners players that started a bunch last year, so they return a lot more than the article makes it appear, unless there was some other attrition (or injuries) besides graduation. Cleveland has a really good group of Freshman coming in too. They are no longer rebuilding. They will be a good team this year & could win a game in the Region.
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