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  1. Today
  2. orngnblk

    Top 10 in 1A for 2019

    Well that is good news for you all because that's the one I heard left also.
  3. Wavo2004

    Waverly 2019

    What do y'all think bout the new a black helmets . I like em better than the blue
  4. orngnblk

    William Blount 2019

  5. LetMeHearYA

    District 13AA and 14AA

    District Tournament Bracket 1 Scotts Hill (12-2) vs 8 Adamsville (1-13) 4 Riverside (8-6) vs 5 McNairy (7-7) 2 Lexington (11-3) vs 7 Chester (3-11) 3 Northside (8-6) vs Southside (6-8)
  6. cp11

    Illegal Bat Use - Easton Ghost ?

    Fayetteville city as well.
  7. Ssemp09

    Ensworth Job open again

    Schneider great choice.
  8. Jagger18

    State's top pitcher

    I don't know about the State because I don't study things like stats and all but I know Forrest has had 2 losses for the year and one was to Creekwook in a tournament and the other to Cascade. They have a heck of a good pitcher
  9. neverlayup


    Supposedly they compare records against the next team in the standings. Cookeville 2-0 against White and Warren 1-1 vs White, so Cookeville has #1 seed. So Cookeville plays play-in winner between Stone and Rhea and White and Warren go at each other again.
  10. Jagger18

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    JohnnyUtah I love your name. That's from Point Break right? One of my favorite movies. I'm a Forrest fan and they have been doing really well this year. I know Creekwood is good too. They lost to Forrest in pool games in Raptor Classic but then came back and beat them 3-2 in tournament play. I knew Gibbs was good a couple of years ago before Forrest moved up from single A and they moved down from AAA. I can't remember ss name but we all loved watching her play. I think she ended up going to play at Carson-Newman. Anyway I like being able to see who and why ppl are making predictions. I enjoy softball so I'm glad I found this forum
  11. uknoit2

    Hampton 2019

    Listen, I just hope we can field a team with 11 kids that know what the idiom "pigskin" means
  12. PeabodyPride

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    I do wish we played, win or loose strong competition makes you stronger !!! G.L on y'alls season !!!
  13. Roy Dillard

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    Sportman what kind of mess is this? Grider is in charge for locking his own stadium. He is just being lazy. You think im joking but im not.
  14. OldSchoolCharger

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Wish he would have at least gone through spring practice and given Coach Davis and staff a chance. His choice alone on this one and one he may regret later.
  15. Yesterday
  16. tradertwo

    West TN Coaching jobs

    You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. What part of myself hoping that he is given the chance to succeed or fail on his own, and thinking that hiring a solid assistant would help the situation causes you to conclude that I'm "all in on the HC"? Make some sense with a reply, please.
  17. BatmanDB

    Dobyns Bennett

    Good story RR.Alcoa is something special,they can step on the field with most teams nomatter who they are.If they were 6A,you would probably see national championships on top of state championships.
  18. reddyrebel6

    Hookfin leaves Haywood

    They can make a splash... he is waiting and ready!
  19. ecu


    Think Tullahoma is a great fit for a Coffee Co. native. He will do a great job!
  20. GoWarriors

    Happy Valley 2019

    Offense- Happy Valley welcomes Coach Mckinney from Elizabethton as our new play caller. Look for us to throw the ball more than in the past under his play calling. We should be pretty solid in the playmaker category with Tittle, Campbell, and Bahn ( who has run a 11.29 in the 100 meters ) We should be solid upfront with only losing 2 starters but people need to improve. QB will be the big question here just like last year. If we get bad to average QB play it will be a long year. Defense- We seem to always play solid Defense under Hyder. This group should be no different. We bring back 3 of 4 guys upfront and 7 of 11 overall on defense. Special Teams- Matthew Bahn is a next level athlete in the open field
  21. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    Lots of jobs in West Tennessee? Wow. Which job is the best and why? Where you at?
  22. WhereYouAt

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    FOOLISH NONSENSE to hire a coach based on ethnicity. Where You AT?
  23. ecu

    Wilson Central Job is open

    My question is why would you leave a AAA school for a A school? Would also think Wilson Co. would be much better financially as well.
  24. MTGVOL

    Ensworth Job open again

    OC Schinder came 2 yrs ago. He was a very successful HC in Missouri before he came to BGA. Maybe Rodriquez from ECS.
  25. Updated team list for 2019. We are still accepting teams to fill out this year’s field. Let me know if you’re interested in attending or if you have any questions. [email protected] Returning Teams South Dade – FL 3A State Champs Fleming Island – FL 3A 2nd Southwest Miami – FL 3A 3rd Winter Springs – FL 3A 5th Hagerty – FL 3A 6th Osceola – FL 3A 6th Freedom Orlando Lake Gibson – FL 2A State Champs Charlotte – FL 2A 3rd Jensen Beach Tampa Prep – FL 1A 7th Hernando – FL 1A 10th Thompson, Alabama – AL 7A State Champs Woodward Academy, Georgia – GA 4A State Champs Woodland, Georgia – GA 5A State Champs Valdosta, Georgia – GA 6A State Champs Camden County, Georgia – GA 7A State Champs Collins Hill, Georgia – GA 7A 2nd Musselman, West Virginia New For 2019 Tampa Jesuit, Florida – FL 2A 2nd American Heritage, Florida – FL 1A 2nd West Laurens, Georgia – GA 4A 2nd Springstead, Florida – FL 2A 7th Manatee, Florida – FL 3A 8th Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Buchholz, Florida Ashley Ridge, South Carolina

    Cloudland Lady Landers 2019-20

    Any updates? Heard Chambers declined the position.
  27. PatB1489

    Mcminn Central Chargers 2019

    What are the spring practice dates for McMinn Central?
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