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  1. Today
  2. crazzyness

    Region 1A

    All this talk of Greenback possibly beating UH is absolutely laughable. Its preposterous. They're an 11 win. From District 2, the 4 seed. They've lost to Washburn. They've lost to Jellico, twice. They've lost to Berean. They've lost to First Baptist Academy. They've list to Unaka... UH wins by 20+. Unaka should beat Jellico, but that 3 hour his ride is a wild card. NG/Hancock should be a dandy. That is if there are any roads left coming out of Sneedville by Saturday. Hampton will probably give Cosby all they can handle. I'm sure Ned has made those boy's lives miserable the past few days at practice, they should have a fire under their rears come Saturday.
  3. Iceman2000

    Region 4 AA

    DeKalb will beat Cumberland in a tight ballgame.
  4. tonybologna

    Final 8 in D2 A

    I'm going with Knox Webb over Harding CPA over Knox Grace Webb School over Chattanooga Christian Goodpasture over Tipton-Rosemark In the Semifinals: Knox Webb over CPA Webb School over Goodpasture Championship: Knox Webb over Webb School
  5. pioneer42

    West Tn Class A

    Union City played us tough for a half as expected. Good win for TCA. Very good team. Their post play is lethal and as good as you will see.
  6. tonybologna

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    I see that you're a Maryville fan. How much of a realistic chance do you personally think Maryville has at making it to the R2-AAA Championship Game? Seems like Maryville faded a little down the stretch of the regular season & District Tourney. However, they did have to face Bearden twice & to me Bearden is clearly the favorite to take the Region. Maryville could end up facing them again in one of the Semifinals if they can win their Quarterfinal matchup. To me personally, I think Bearden will be in the Championship but who they face is a big question mark. I'm going to go with a sleeper team in Clinton. I don't think it will be Oak Ridge even though they have a solid record.
  7. rebelman101

    Region 7-A

    A good season for Gleason even though they come up short tonight. The good thing is that they only lose one senior in Shelbie Burton. So this team will reload and should get further in the postseason next year.
  8. rebelman101

    Who wins Region 6A?

    Well we got the game moved back to Friday. Girls will play at 6 against Collinwood and boys at 7:30 against Perry County. Huntingdon- wayne county and Summertown- West Carroll play tomorrow as well. Should be an exciting four games!
  9. tonybologna

    Mr. Basketball 2018-19 NE TN

    I got to see Cameron Rymer from Morristown East play in the Arby's Classic in December. Very impressive player. He can shoot, pass, steal the ball, & he's a decent rebounder especially for his size. I also think Brandon Ilic who is the 6'8" big guy for them is going to be a special player. He's just a freshman. Can dunk the ball in so many different ways & is an excellent shot blocker with plenty of offensive skills as well(both as a back to the basket scorer & face up as well). I think Morristown East just might make some noise in the Regionals too. Back to Atwood. He can himself carry Johnson County. They lost a couple games down the stretch(1 in the regular season & 1 in the District Tourney) but they have a good enough supporting cast for Atwood to probably make the Regional Tourney Championship game. However, there are 4-5 teams capable of winning Region 1-AA. They just need to make the Championship Game though for Atwood & the gang to advance to the Sectionals which I give them a better than 50% chance in doing so. Thanks.
  10. Well until we get a new coaching staff, we will get the same results. They don't work on fundamentals or does our coach run our girls either. All they do is run plays!! We are so out of shape, that we just give out in the second half. It is the players and Coaches fault. Everyone had high hopes and our fan base is frustrated with the results. We have a great group of 8th grade girls coming in next year that might take some of the current starters spots. We have only had one player improve as the season has went on and that is our post Callahan. It is frustrating to watch the games and the coaches look like they don't give a crap.
  11. TheAmbassador

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    I simply don’t see it. Just my opinion on it.
  12. lincoln

    Covington Chargers 2019

    Resume at Covington speaks for itself and is a proven head coach. My son played for him on the 2012 team that went to state and loved him. He came back and was the OC again the last two years. Right fit for Covington, knows the kids, school, and no doubt will keep things going in the right direction.
  13. Pinocchio007

    William Blount 2019

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease is an American proverb used to convey the idea that the most noticeable (or loudest) problems are the ones most likely to get attention. Where you going with this Barney??
  14. mooreSB

    March 9 scrimmage day

    Lincoln co is in.... anybody else? [email protected]
  15. FBfan26

    Interesting 2019/2020 games

    CaneRidge/PC "week1"
  16. Tigers6056

    Waverly 2019 - Head Coach: Randall Boldin

    Well now that we've hired Coach Boldin I'm ready for him to get here and ready to see who his staff will be.
  17. Tez2319

    How do a 4th place team get POY & COY?

    Everybody against South Side!! We are use to it
  18. Tez2319

    District 14AA

    I agree nothing is automatic at this part of the season! Everybody record is 0-0 no slip us! Westview will be the 3rd game, we got a tough Obion County team tomorrow! One game at a time mentality
  19. Eye'm heerin att leest one haz ben onn tha gravee trane....
  20. Dunc4265


    I stand corrected. They did with a minute left in the game...
  21. Haywood vs woodale will be a good one. These boys play each other year round including AAU. It’ll be closer then you think either way
  22. NotSurprised

    2019 106lb Mock Grand Championship

    Jackson Bond at 3 is laughable. I would love to see him and McDaniel wrestle. In folkstyle I think Bond wins a very close match. I didnt see the part about using track.
  23. LocoLupe

    White House Football- God’s land

    From what I have heard they haven't hired anyone and won't really be able to bc they don't have the teaching positions available.
  24. MrNegative

    2019 Sequoyah Chiefs Football

    RB Swanson is a fine player, most of offensive line is back led by Crabtree plus some old new additions may come back out so this could be strength of team, wide reciever should be pretty good led by floyd and millsaps, unless millsaps has to play QBs, qb is the big question mark. D line should be solid, benson can be a playmaker, Swanson is a beast at lb, how he didnt play at tellico is a mystery, rest of lb Corp is a question, so are db except for millsaps
  25. Playerscoach

    DCA coach?

    Patton Id be surprised if she got the job since she left for Goodpasture and is likely happy there. Tell those folks you referenced before that talk poorly of me I said hello. Maybe one day they’ll feel comfortable to mention it to me at school.
  26. Bamapappy

    Region 5 AA...Who you got?

    I agree and I like cheatham and East in 2nd round and cheatham over East in finals.
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